Beyond My Bars

Metal clanking,
Chains clanging,
People yelling,
Phones ringing,
But all I want to see,
Is the bright blue sky.
Behind these bars,
Behind these chains,
I am a prisoner.
Locked in with no way out.
But not only am I just physically confined.
I am emotionally incarcerated.
No one to talk to.
I can’t even cry.
No emotions flow
Just the thought keeps running through my mind,
I need a way out.
So I found ways to occupy my thoughts,
Change my perspective,
Engage my strength,
It didn’t change my situation
It didn’t change my attitude
It didn’t change anything,
Just covered it up.
I knew nothing good would come of it
I wouldn’t actually be on the road to recovery
I wouldn’t be proactively deciding on a better path.
I was just completely avoiding
All decisions,
All thoughts,
All outcomes.
Just focused on what would help me through this moment.
Here I am,
For reality.
For what is on the other side of the bars.
But how do I attain what I see?
How can I make my dreams a reality?
How can I break free from this prison that has me trapped?
Then I realized.
I can’t.
I have no power.
I have no strength.
I have no desire.
I can’t.
But then,
My name is called.
Miss Jazzmin.
Your bail has been paid.
You are free to leave.
Your Father has paid it all.
As I walked to the counter to gather my things,
I see a man.
A man who loves me with all His heart.
A man who will give up the universe just for me.
He walks by.
He smiles at me.
I notice the handcuffs placed on His wrists.
They are dangling just below the nail prints.
A soft voice whispers to me.
You can go beyond these bars,
You can see the bright, blue sky.
You can change your perspective.
I love you.


11 thoughts on “Beyond My Bars

      1. Very well written and forces me to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made over 2000 years so we all can have the victory and the breakage of chains that we were allowing to hold us back. Peace is a great feeling.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow I Actually believed its Your “Heavenly Father” And it actualy is your dad. What love we get from our parents. Beautiful piece absolutely soul wrenching! We all have a choice, Even deciding to do nothing is a choic

    Liked by 1 person

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