A Vision Board for 2016

Ya’ll think I should do one?

Ebby's Lane

Right now, you are probably still being bombarded with post on how the New Year is the impetus to a fresh start. You know, the whole trite New Year, New me motto. By the way, I’m guilty of using that in previous years. Yes, I know the turning of the number tends to invoke motivation and a sudden drive to accomplish those goals that you’ve postponed for years. Nevertheless, it can easily be a trap,

a repetitious cycle of short-lived ambitions that fade as the months float by and before you know it, it is December again.

Nope, I refuse to write another post about fleeting determinations. So, how do we change this detrimental, yet common habit? I have an idea. It may seem mediocre, but since we are visual creatures by nature. You know, the whole eyes being the entryway into our… you get it.  Either way, oftentimes, seeing is truly

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